Homey and personable. We at AT&T Israel take pride in providing our employees with a sense of home, individual focus, and personal fulfillment. Our employees bring the passion, the ambition, and their unique personalities. We're here to make sure they have the supporting framework that encourages them to become the best version of themselves.

For me, working at AT&T Israel is all about creating the future.
Yes, the benefits are great, but the true magic of working here is the startup mentality you can find in every room.
It's the same atmosphere that allowed me to shift my career from automation and QA to developer. There is always room for growth here, as long as you keep pushing forward. If you share this mentality, there’s a vacant desk next to mine.

Ilan Miller

After 5-10 years in a workplace, you usually feel some burnout. In my case it didn't feel like this at all, it just felt like I started a new job each time, only in a different division. AT&T’s into so many cutting-edge fields that there’s always some place to go. It’s like having a thousand different companies inside one big company. If that’s not magical, I don’t know what is.

Erez A. Korn


Here, personal development is never one dimensional. You can grow within your team or shift within the company. You can participate in enrichment courses and expand your professional knowledge. You can join a cross-department project or even start a new one.  You just have to want it badly. We'll do the rest.

Personal Path Att Israel

Events and Wellbeing

We’re here for every employee. Every day. All day. Between coding and product management, we like to keep it fun — parties, concerts, company events. It can get wild. We also have running groups, basketball teams, gaming stations, healthy food in every coffee-corner, and pretty much everything you can dream of.

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When you’re given so much, you feel the urge to give something back. This is part of our day-to-day at AT&T Israel, year-round—from painting the houses of underprivileged families to educational mentoring. Our employees tutor at local schools, hold learning marathons for matriculation exams, and take part in the Young Entrepreneurs project. When the opportunity presents itself, we also develop pro-bono software for the greater good.


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