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AT&T is much more than a global communication company. We are explorers, we are creators, we are pioneers. We set the pace and we create new realities. For this reason, we make sure we always maintain a professional edge and promote excellence in software development. Here's a little glimpse into how we do it.


As a company that runs dozens of complex software projects in parallel, maintaining their life cycle from development to deployment to maintenance, we are always searching for the most efficient development methods, technologies, and automating tools. This led us to be the benchmark of software development and scale, with each engineer serving as a lighthouse of knowledge. If we listed the advanced technologies we use today, we would probably need to update the list next week.

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Knowledge is power. Therefore, it is critical to make sure that it is accumulated, advanced, and shared. The driver of our knowledge base is meetups. Internal, external, in different forums, and on many subjects. Only together with our community can we explore new information, discover new knowledge, and aspire to higher heights every day.

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AT&T Guilds

We have some of the most talented employees in the industry. That's why we find it essential to constantly renew, teach, inspire, and promote these individuals and encourage their professional growth. For this purpose, we formed guilds centered around specific fields, such as mobile, JavaScript, back-end, front-end, and automation. The guild champions are leading professionals who keep up with the latest knowledge and spread the knowledge company-wide. In our eyes, our employees are artists and guilds are a refreshing way to help them sharpen their craft.


With so much room in this huge company for inventiveness, you never know where the next world-changing idea will come from. Our hackathons are a Formula 1 track for ideas, bringing together employees from different backgrounds with a common passion for creativity, to turn some of these ideas into reality.

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