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Guild Master


AT&T Israel R&D Center, with its 600+ employees, is the largest center outside the US, yet has the heart of a startup. The products you’ll work on here will influence the daily lives of millions of users in the US, and you’ll be working with many people from different backgrounds in a result-driven innovative environment. 


Who are you? 

Are you a manager looking to put your people-growth skills come first? 

Are you a team player excited to make an impact on 350+ developers? 

We’re looking for an enthusiastic guild master to lead our 3 technical guilds in Israel AT&T R&D center: Backend, Frontend and DevOps. 


What are some of the things you do on a day-to-day basis? 

  • Develop content items (internal and external meetups, blogs, workshops and internal posts) with developers from all business units, in Israel and in US 
  • Mentor and support developers with their professional and personal growth during the internal sessions or blogs – know to handle each one differently and assess what help they need 
  • Manage indirectly 3 guild councils: Backend, Frontend and DevOps 
  • Define the path forward in terms of technology and knowledge – what is important for our developers to know? Which areas needs to be investigated? 
  • Build new types of activities and events 
  • Document software patterns, best practices and other items 
  • Build the guilds brand in the organization and in the Israel industry 
  • Constantly look for ways to improve knowledge sharing and collaboration between developers from different groups  
  • Attend conferences and external meetups and keep an eye on the industry from technology and guilds management angle 
  • Promoting cross site initiatives (e.g. GuildFest, Code Katas or Hackathons) 
  • Find relevant study cases to be shared in the guild 
  • Report statuses to the site management 
  • Each day will look different! 


What are things you will not do? 

  • Infrastructure or coding 
  • Enforce standards 
  • Manage people directly 


  • You are a people person, yet keen on technology. You breath technology and you are up to date with emerging trends and best practices in software development 
  • You are highly organized and thorough; You are well familiar with tools and frameworks to enhance productivity 
  • You enjoy challenges and hard-to-achieve goals 
  • You have track record of managing without authority (matrix management or other) 
  • You have managed people currently or in the past but you haven’t lost the need to feel the ground yourself 
  • You have proven in the past that you can engage and inspire others 
  • You are a constant learner 
  • You are assertive, but ego-less 
  • You get things done; You keep your eye on the ball even when there are multiple balls in parallel 😊 
  • You are happy when others succeed; You know to shout-out when needed 
  • You are able to have a high level view, but you can dig into a technological area with details 
  • You have presentation skills and you enjoy knowledge sharing  
  • You are an effective reviewer and you know to ask the right questions 
  • You have excellent spoken and written English 
  • Advantage: You managed a technology guild in one of the high tech companies 
  • Advantage: You have led a Hackathon before or other technology events 
  • Significant advantage: You spoke in more than one technical conference or moderated one 
  • Significant advantage: You regularly write a blog 



  1. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field 
  2. At least 10 years of hands-on experience